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Despite the popularity of online streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Discover Plus, Amazon Prime and many more, YouTube still garners a very high number of views per day. YouTube had 2 Billion Monthly Users, who watched 250 Million hours on TV screens daily as reported by Variety.com. And the reason why so many users are still glued to this service is because of the wide variety of contributors who keep uploading entertaining videos. With so many useful and entertaining videos, there are a few which you would want to keep with you forever. But saving them in favorites or bookmarking them is not to everybody’s taste. Many people like to keep their favorite videos offline on their digital devices or on personal storage. And to have those videos offline, you need a good YouTube video downloader like the Leawo YouTube Downloader to download those videos easily.


Part 1. Review on Leawo YouTube downloader

Leawo YouTube downloader is available as a part of its whole Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate suite though you can pay just for the Video Downloader feature. It is a superb product to download YouTube videos in a format you like and at an accelerated speed. This product is liked by many and has its own pros and cons. Let’s dive into what all Leawo YouTube downloader offers, what are the features that its users like and what all we feel is lacking in it.


Interface and How To Use Leawo YouTube Downloader

The Leawo YouTube Downloader interface can be accessed from the Download button in the home screen or by the one in the Menu bar.

youtube downloader

Leawo Video Downloader works by opening a browser in its interface in which you can open YouTube and browse and watch different videos. Once you have opened a particular video, Leawo YouTube Downloader shows you a download button at the right side of the screen.


youtube downloader

In all honesty, opening the browser in the same interface makes the view a little cumbersome. A pop-out Leawo YouTube downloader would have been a better option for those who prefer that view.


There are 2 buttons at the top that take you to the videos that are currently downloading and your historical downloads. The browser has a multi-tabbed view. In each tab, you can open different instances of YouTube or any other website.


Video Quality

With Leawo YouTube Downloader you get the option to download the video in its original quality or at any lower resolution. All the available video qualities are shown in the right sidebar and you just need to click the download button to start the download. It can download both 720P and 1080P resolution videos.


Support for Multiple websites in Leawo YouTube Downloader

Leawo Video Download can be used not just for YouTube but for many other video hosting websites. You can use it on Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Twitch and many other websites. However, one problem with this application is that is the inbuilt browser is not supported by many websites. Due to this, except on YouTube, Leawo YouTube Downloader is not able to play the videos or even show the first frame. On these websites you will see the error of Unsupported browser or format.

leawo youtube downloader

The download option though works fine and you can watch the video on your default media player after downloading it using this tool.

Accelerated Download speed

Leawo YouTube Downloader is capable of downloading multiple videos in parallel and at 6X speed. You can use its settings section to set the maximum number of downloads that run consecutively. This helps you download YouTube playlists quickly since the downloads are not in queue at any time but each video is being actively downloaded.


Built-In Player and Media Library

Leawo YouTube Download has a media player which can play your downloaded videos. It removes the need for using a separate media player to play the downloaded videos. This YouTube Downloader categorizes the videos based on their content like sports, education, etc. You can even search for the videos based on their download data like downloaded today or some X days back.


Part 2. Best Alternative to Leawo YouTube Downloader (DVDFab Video Downloader)

Leawo YouTube Downloader is a good tool and has a big customer base but it just doesn’t cut the ice with many users. The cluttered interface, lack of support on its browser with most websites except YouTube, lack of native support for adult video downloads, for downloading whole playlists with one click and automatic downloads from channels you have subscribed to are its major drawbacks.


Interface of DVDFab Video Downloader

Unlike Leawo YouTube Downloader, DVDFab Video Downloader works as a completely separate interface. It doesn’t feel much different from a browser with no useless buttons in the Menu bar or anywhere else. It has a clean interface with few useful sections present in the left sidebar.


dvdfab video downloader

Left Side Bar: The left sidebar has the Subscription section where you can add the channels you are subscribed to on YouTube. There is the Local Files section which contains files you have downloaded using DVDFab YouTube Video Downloaders. And the last, the Downloading section shows you ongoing video downloads.


Chrome like Tabs: Like in Leawo Video Download, here too you have Chrome like tabs which will help you manage multiple channels or websites from which you are downloading videos.


Explorer: This is a very useful section which shows you all the websites which DVDFab Video Downloader supports. This helps you avoid the hit and trial method you have to use with Leawo YouTube downloader to know on which websites it supports video download. This list contains sites from which you can do adult video download as well.


Omnibar: In the home page, you get an Omnibar where you can enter the URL of a website or you can enter search terms to search on YouTube.


How Do I Download a YouTube Video

Step 1. Search for the video on YouTube you want to download.
Step 2. Click on the Download button at appears on the left side of the video.


download a youtube video
Step 3. In the Download As window that appears, select the quality of the vide you want to download and click on the Download button.


Video Quality

The premium version of DVDFab YouTube Downloader supports download of videos up to 4320p. But since most videos are at uploaded at HD quality (1080p), you would get the same quality in most downloads from YouTube.


Turbo Speed and Multi-Task Download
Compared to the 6x speed acceleration achieved by Leawo Youtube Downloader, DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader can achieve 10x speed acceleration. The Multi-Task feature comes in use when you are downloading the whole playlist at one go. It applies a limit of 5 downloads consecutively at any point in time. These features are available only with the Paid version.


Auto Download Feature
This feature is a real highlight of DVDFab Video Downloader. To many people who wonder how do I download a YouTube video automatically when it comes on a channel, DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader is the answer. This feature lets users subscribe to a YouTube channel. Whenever the application is launched next time, it checks if any new video has been uploaded on that channel and starts downloading it.


No such feature is present on Leawo YouTube downloader.


Metadata Download
Leawo YouTube downloader and DVDFab YouTube Video downloader, both download the metadata associated with the videos as well. This is unlike many online tools that can help you with YouTube video downloads. Since you have the data about the album, singer and year of production, it becomes easy to make playlists for your videos. Since there is an inbuilt video player in DVDFab Video downloader, you can make your video playlist in the application itself.


Support for non-YouTube websites.
DVDFab Video Downloader is not only the best downloader for YouTube videos but also helps you download DailyMotion videos for free, Vimeo videos, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram videos as well as Adult video downloads from websites like Pornhub, XVideos and XTube.


Configuring the Video and Output Folder Settings
Before you do start using DVDFab Video Download, you should set your directory where the downloaded files will be saved. This can be done by clicking on the small dashed button present on the left side of the minimize button. Click on it followed by the Settings option. In the window that opens, set the Video Directory if you want to change the default directory. Similarly, with the Download Video, you can choose the resolution of the video you want to download each time. If you are not sure if you will get the same video quality each time, it is best if you set it to “Ask me each time” so that you get the option to choose resolution each time you download a video.

video and output


Let’s Summarize

Leawo YouTube downloader is a good application, no doubt. But there are many criteria where it fails to score high. DVDFab YouTube Downloader offers:

●    A better download speed (10x)
●    A straightforward list of supported websites for video downloads.
●    More for websites supported for Adult video downloads
●    Playlist download feature
●    Auto download for any new additions to a YouTube channel
●    Support for download of 8k quality video


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