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Part 1: Review on Leawo Video Converter Review

Leawo Video Converter is an excellent choice when you need a video converter. It has a big profile of output video formats including the ones used for web and those used in recording devices like camcorders. Leawo Video Converter even has pre-programmed profiles for more than 100 devices through which you can generate video outputs compatible with tablets, smartphones, gaming systems like Xbox and setup boxes.


Leawo Video Converter


Leawo Video Converter offers you complete control over the output video. You can use its video editor before conversion and add watermarks and subtitles on the video. You can filter tracks and subtitles from the original video. You can even trim, crop and split the video. There is an effects menu with which you can change the saturation, brightness and contrast of the video. The advanced options of Leawo Video Converter give you control over the frame rate, bit rate and resolution.


Leawo Video


You can convert a 2D video to 3D but don’t expect professional quality results. If you have a video with lots of noise it in, you can use Leawo’s Noise Remover which is satisfactory in its performance.


You can get it at $30 for a 1-year license or at $40 for a lifetime license. Leawo Video Converter is much cheaper than many other video converters in the market. However, with the cheaper price, you also have to adjust with the lower quality of output videos. We found noise and pixelation in the videos we converted that was not present in the original copy. One way to reduce it to set the video quality to HD or higher.


The conversion speed while faster than many of its competitors, it is not fast from the best video converter in the market. A 1-hour video takes around 9 minutes for conversion on Leawo Video Converter with SD quality video formats like AVI to MP4. The same process on the best video converters takes only around a little more than 2 minutes.


Part 2: Best Alternative to Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter is a good tool if you are fine with adjusting with its shortfalls. But for those who love to watch flawless videos with only one-directional change acceptable - an upgrade in quality - DVDFab Video Converter is the best option. With a much easier interface, faster conversion and better quality, DVDFab Video Converter is the best alternative to Leawo Video Converter.




Many news users of Leawo Video Converter take days before completely understanding how to use Leawo Video Converter. Let’s see a few small but important reasons why users find DVDFab Video Converter easier to use compared to Leawo Video Converter.



Adding files to the interface - The center section of Leawo Video Converter doesn’t support click and addition of files. You need to use the Add Video button present at the top to add a file from a folder. One the center screen, you can only drag and drop files.


DVDFab supports both drag and drop and it also has a dedicated button to browse files and select the files from the directory structure. You can also select multiple files at once.




Accessing video/audio profiles - For any person who is not already familiar with Leawo Video Converter, it might be frustrating figuring out from where to select a different video profile. The button is not highlighted as a button and unless you are reading this article, you might take quite some time figuring out that the file format (MP4 in our image) written on the left side of the Convert button is actually the shortcut to profile section.


In DVDFab’s interface, some default profiles are available in the drop-down on the home screen itself. If you don’t find the profile you are looking for, you can click the “Choose Other Profile” option to open the Profile section. The section contains a vast library of video and audio formats along with a “Device” subsection which you can use to get the best compatible file format for a particular device.


Changing the video quality - Just like the Profile section, locating the section which will help you a higher or lower resolution is a challenge with Leawo Video Converter. Pro Tip - When you click on the Profile section button, you will see an Edit button. Click on the that to do bit rate, frame rate and resolution related settings.


video quality


DVDFab Video Converter has a dropdown for adjusting resolution similar to the one it has for changing profiles. The Advanced Settings window in DVDFab Video Converter offers many more controls over the video conversion process compared to Leawo Video Converter.


Support for Audio and Video Profiles


You will find most of the common video and audio formats in Leawo Video Converter, but if you go a little away from the commonly used codecs, you will be disappointed with this software. Codecs like M2TS, EAC3 and DTS are not present in Leawo Video Converter.


DVDFab, on the other hand, has a bigger library of codecs that anyone will be pleased to have at its disposal.


Enlarger AI


Most users expect their video converters do just do what they are supposed to do - converting a video from one format to another. DVDFab believes in providing that and some more. That is why it provides an add-on you can use with your DVDFab Video Converter - Enlarger AI. This is a separate purchase with which you can improve your video quality by 300%. You can upscale a video from 480p to true 1080p, or from 1080p to true 4K level.


Metadata fixing


Leawo Video Converter provides you with no support for editing the metadata of the video. There is nothing in the software which will automatically detect the metadata of your video profile. And even if you want to do it yourself, the feature is not present to do so.


On the other hand, DVDFab has a complete library of metadata of famous movies, TV shows and Web series. This data helps it to fix the meta information of the videos that you convert using DVDFab Video Converter. Especially in case of TV shows, each episode will be named with the Show title, Season, and Episode number. This way, when you store these tracks on a media server like DVDFab Movie server or use a player like DVDFab Player 6, all the videos are listed in an orderly fashion making it easier for you to navigate through the tracks effortlessly.


Mobile Application


DVDFab has a mobile app which you can use to track the conversion progress, transfer the videos from your smartphone to the computer and then back again after the conversion. This makes the whole process cable-free. There is no such functionality available with Leawo Video Converter.


Conversion Speed Acceleration


Leawo Video Converter doesn’t have any flexibility to make use of the available GPU to accelerate the conversion speed. You are going to get the same speed whether you use it on a laptop that has a dedicated GPU or not.


DVDFab Video Converter comes with conversion acceleration technology which will utility your GPU resources to improve the conversion speed and completes video conversion tasks much faster than Leawo Video Converter.


Part 3: Convert Video to Different Formats

1. How to Convert Video to MP4


Step 1. Start Application and Load Video

Download and install the DVDFab Video Converter on your computer. The application is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Drag and drop your video file to the main screen of the application or use the Add from Local button to import a video or a whole folder containing videos.


Convert Video


Step 2. Choose Output Video format

Select the Converter option from the top menu. Use the dropdown beside “Search Movie/TV” to select MP4 output format. If MP4 profile is not appearing there or you want a 4k or YouTube optimized MP4 video, click on the “Choose Other Profile” button to open the Profile section. Here you can choose from the various MP4 profiles present - 3D, 4k, H265, etc.


Output Video format


Step 3. Video Editing (optional)

If you want to do some changes to the video like cropping or trimming some portion, adding watermark or some text; then open the Video Editor of DVDFab Video Converter and do the required changes.




Step 4. Advanced Settings (optional)

If you have to change the resolution, modify frame rate of the video or bit rate of the audio or change the Encoding method, use the Advanced Settings window.


Step 5. Start the Process

Once you are ready, change the output directory path from the Save to section present at the bottom of the application and click on Start.


2. How to Convert Video to Audio


Step 1. Load the video on the DVDFab Video Converter application.

Step 2. Use the Video Editor or the Advanced Settings windows to do any changes to the output you need.

Step 3. From the Profile Switcher, select “Choose Other Profiles” and in the new window, from the left sidebar selection Audio. Choose one of the audio profiles that are available in the window.




Step 4. Change the output directory if required and click on Start.


To conclude, we believe there can be no better alternative to Leawo Video Converter than DVDFab Video Converter. With just a little more price, DVDFab Video Converter offers much more features, support for many more profiles, better video quality upscaling and more than anything - a much easier to use interface.


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