Streaming services have been one of the excellent options for media consumption these days. However, having access to a physical media or physical media should always be something you would find extremely important and essential by every count. In such cases, you would want to record the videos and create your own DVDs for saving the videos to posterity. The DVD Creator software should be what should be quite partial in this context.


We found two good solutions that have proved their essence and thought of comparing the two capable tools.


Burn Video to DVD with Leawo DVD Creator Software


Leawo DVD Creator is a wonderful and best DVD burning software and has been one of the popular options to transfer your video and audio to your DVD successfully. One of the strongest factors in its favour lies in the fact that the tool is known to offer you support for mainstream video formats such as FLV, MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, Xvid, and MOV.


leawo DVD creator software


An intelligent and intuitive video editing capability that provides you a great functionality can further make it one of the unique options for the best free DVD burning software. That makes it one of the reliable options for creating individualised DVD movies and other videos with ease. IT can also offer you access to a free DVD creator for Mac.




Leawo DVD Creator software is indeed a great option for an improved experience in terms of a great DVD creation. The interface is designed in such a way that you would find it one of the extremely enhanced options by every count with an easy to use interface that can be mastered even by the newbies.


Video Formats supported


The software tool supports as many as 180 different formats. That should be something extremely large number for a video creation tool, making it a great solution to the best free DVD Burning software. That would mean you will be able to convert any of your files into a DVD.


A list of the video formats supported on the platform would include:


AVI, MP4, DAT, WEBM, RMVB, RM, MPG, MPEG, VOB, MOV, M4V, QT, FLV, F4V, NSV, NUT, MKV, MTS/M2TS/TS/TP/TRP(AVCHD, H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2 HD), MOD, TOD, DV, WMV, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, and DVR-MS. You can create your DVDs in a wide range of formats that include DVD-R, DVD-R/DL, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD_RW, DVD+RW/DL, DVD+R, and DVD+R/DL.


Extensive video editing


The Leawo DVD Creator software provides you access to a complete solution in terms of the video editing. An extensive degree of customisation can be seen as one of the thoughtful inclusions to provide you a complete resolution in terms of an improved professional-level DVD creation.


video editing


You can trim and crop your videos to your liking with the full-fledged video editor. You can even change the video parameters as per your preferences. You can adjust the video parameters such as brightness, saturation, contrast, and volume. The video editor within the tool also lets you add 3D effects and remove noise akin to a professional video editor tool.


The ability to create 3D videos should be yet another thoughtful inclusion that would further enhance the value of the software.


Available onWindows and Mac OS


Burn Video To DVD With Dvdfab DVD Creator Software


DVDFab DVD Creator can be one of the excellent options for your DVD creation requirements in a full-fledged environment. It lets you save your videos onto a DVD or even on your hard drive as a DVD ISO folder or file. You can create a high-end DVD from a downloaded video, a video recorded on a camcorder, or even a video in any popular format. The option to create a DVD menu can be one of the thoughtful inclusions. You may also find it to be a good free DVD creator for Mac.


DVD Creator Software


The software does provide you access to and advanced functionality with flexible and customised setting options. The flexibility in terms of the settings can be something you would find quite an extensively perfect option that suits both the newbies and advanced users alike.




DVDFab is an excellent choice for almost all your needs in any tasks related to your video files. This includes DVDs, Blu-rays, and even your regular video disks. In essence, the software works in the form of a Suite and is home to a wide range of the video-related services that can be utilized for a wide range of purposes.


DVDFab  Interface


As DVDFab 12 is released, you could choose the interface skin based on your preference, a total of 4 choices including light, blue, dark and 365 skin are offered. If you are not willing to use the full-fledged version, you also have the option of using the stripped-down version in the form of DVDFab Mini. One of the major factors that make DVDFab DVD Creator a great option in comparison to the Leawo DVD creator software lies in the fact that the former has plenty of more features than on the latter. And yes, the interface is rather simple and easy to use for most of your requirements and can be used by both the newbies and advanced users alike.


Video Formats supported


The DVDFab DVD Creator provides you access to several video formats. You can pick any of the videos in any of the formats you prefer and convert them into a DVD. Some of the supported video formats include: MKV, MP4, AVI, M2TS, TS, MOV, WMV, WMA, 3GP, FLV, M4V, VOB, etc.


In fact, the DVDFab DVD Creator software does offer support for a wide range of support for even the video formats of the files downloaded from the internet, or even those saved from a camcorder. The output DVD formats that you can save your videos can include DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, and DVD-R DL.




The AI upscaling supported on the software further makes DVDFab one of the many reliable options ever for an enhanced service option ever. The choice of several different modes can bring in more value for your needs and provide you access to audio tracks and subtitle files.


software further makes DVDFab


A professional and faster DVD creation compatibility is yet another thoughtful addition that can prove to be a great option on DVDFab DVD creator. You would be able to create DVDs through a batch conversion, which should be an added advantage. The support for multi-threading, multi-core CPU usage, and the newest graphic card hardware acceleration technology can be a few great options that should make it one of the prime options.


Video Editing Capability


The DVDFab DVD Creator software can be a great choice for creating your DVDs, but the mode in itself does not have a video editor. However, you have access to a Video editing option under the Converter mode on DVDFab Suite. You can edit your video in the suite and then create your DVD and customize menu using the DVD Creator module.


video editing capability


The linear video editor lets you trim, crop, or perform a wide range of video editing requirements. You can even add up the intro and closing credits to the video making it an enhanced performer as a studio option for your video editing requirements, the following is one of the customized menu offered by this great DVD creator software.


video editor


Available onWindows and Mac OS


Final Verdict: DVDFab DVD Creator? Or Leawo DVD Creator?


DVDFab DVD Creator has been one of the excellent options for an enhanced experience in a better degree of performance standard.


The Interface


The interface of the Leawo DVD Creator appears to be a little complicated. The interface is not much disorderly and creates a good impression. Setting up your programs can be quite easy and simple. There are not learning curves involved, which further enhances the value of the software for the newbies.


DVDFab DVD Creator is available in a bundled format, and that can provide a better degree of performance. You can choose a DVD copy, ripping, and conversion requirements on a single tool. The learning curve is not too steep, and that further enhances the experience.


Backup Quality


In terms of the backup quality, once again, DVDFab leads with the ability to retain the 1080p video quality that further improves your experience. It also lets you configure the individual requirements in configuring your output file.


If you are too much concerned about the output quality, you will find that Leawo DVD creator something, not a much comfortable option.




Speed is an area you would find offering you an excellent degree of performance. DVDFab DVD Creator comes with high-end technologies for providing you an enhanced speed in terms of offering you a faster creation option. NVIDIA CUDA technology, and homebrew Lightning-Recoding can be what helps in this endeavor.


Leawo, on the other hand, provides a decent DVD creation experience is a normal speed. It, too, uses hardware acceleration and offers high-end acceleration. The detection of the videos is a bit faster on Leawo DVD Creator.



DVDFab DVD creator

Leawo DVD Creator

Watermark on the free version




Windows and mac

Windows and mac

Creation speed


Slightly slower

Formats supported




A complete suite of all video tools

The limited set of tools

Backup quality

Can retain the 1080p quality



The Closing Thoughts


That should provide you access to an enhanced and excellent option to understand the difference between the two competent DVD creators and find how effective they can be in providing you a better degree of performance standard.


DVDFab DVD Creator software offers you a streamlined performance with a wide range of video tools and features. Definitely, it makes it something you would an extremely viable option for the best free DVD burning software. Check it out once and have the functionality verified for yourself.