DVD Copy is a huge requirement in today's world. There are several tools that can help you achieve the best standards in copying your DVD to your heart's content. Among a wide range of options available for copying your DVDs without hassles, Leawo DVD Copy and DVDFab DVD Copy software have been the prime options for most of your requirements. 


A Detailed Review Of Leawo DVD Copy Software


Leawo DVD Copy is an excellent option for all your needs in an enhanced and excellent service quality in achieving powerful functions and easy-to-use operation to copy DVD on Windows 10. The tool comes with an exciting set of options and features for copying and sharing your DVD. 

dvd copy 


The tool can be helpful in several ways. It lets you copy your DVD to hard drive in a video folder or as an ISO file on your computer. You can even use the tool to copy your DVD to another blank disc.

The software comes with three different modes for copying your DVD – Main Movie, Full Disc, and Custom copy option. The Leawo DVD copy can be an excellent option to help you copy a DVD protected by CSS without any hassles. You can have access to an efficient DVD copy operations with just one click operation.

The software ensures that the output DVD or the Video files will not have access to any quality loss. Even with the complex DVD copy process, you stand to gain access to a simpler operation and lossless quality.

What makes it one of the excellent options? Here are our reasons.


  • With its own advanced and sophisticated DVD copy software technology, Leawo DVD Copy lets you get access to a 1:1 disc to disc copy operations without any loss in the video's quality.  

  • The software can even compress a DVD 9 video into a DVD 5 quality without affecting the final video quality 

  • You can copy DVD to DVD disc, file folder, and ISO image. 

  • The software can copy DVD 9 to DVD 9, DVD 5 to DVD 5, or can even compress the DVD 9 files into DVD 5 protocol.

  • Support for multiple DVD Copy modes to pick. 


It provides you access to an enhanced experience with just One-Click operation for providing you an enhanced experience ever in copying any of your content without hassles. 

The software even comes with a built-in media player as well. You can use the built-in player that can provide you access to the preview of the movie when you are in the Main Movie and Custom Copy modes. The ability to add the disc labels and support for a wide range of cross-platform functionalities would further make it one of the excellent options in every count.


The Leawo DVD Copy software can prove to be an excellent option for copying commercial DVDs with a few easier and simpler steps. The tool can efficiently and effectively rip, backup, and copying your DVDs without any hassles. You can even remove the region codes from your discs before copying or ripping them.
The software can also match the inputs and outputs automatically. It can simply detect and scan your input files and lists out the target formats in tune with the input format. And finally, the software is available on Windows and Mac software, which further makes it an excellent option in every count.

You can pick Leawo DVD copy for Windows or Leawo DVD Copy for Mac, depending on your individual preferences.  


The Best Alternative To Leawo DVD Copy


DVDFab DVD Copy download is an excellent option, and that can prove to be one of the excellent options for the best alternative to Leawo DVD Copy. It is one of the most popular and capable DVD Copy software.

dvdfab dvd copy

The tool can efficiently and effectively read or backup your DVD to any blank DVD. The tool can also double up as an excellent option to copy your DVD to computer, such as into an ISO file or a folder. The tool can backup and copy a wide range of DVD formats that include DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, and DVD-R DL. It is much helpful in letting you copy DVD to computer. The tool can also be used to copy DVD to flash drive. 


The features that make it one of the prime options can be summarised as 


Feature 1: Support for a wide range of DVD formats 

DVDFab DVD Copy download can be a great solution and offers you access to a powerful DVD backup solution. You can use the tool copy DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-5 to DVD-5, and DVD-5 to DVD-9 or even compress DVD 9 to DVD 5. 


Feature 2: A lossless quality DVD copy functionality 

The software can provide enhanced and effective DVD cloning with a 1:1 compatibility and perfect lossless copying. You can either decide to copy your DVD to a blank DVD or burn the DVD into an ISO file/folder. 


Feature 3: Multiple Copy Modes 

The DVD Copy tool offers you access to a very enhanced degree of powerful functionality and flexibility. You have access to six different copy modes to choose from – pick from among Full disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split and Customise. You can perform a wide range of copy activities on the entire disc or any part of the disc as per your preferences. 


Feature 4: Advanced Technologies

t can be your best DVD copy tool, with a very user-friendly interface and multi-language support. You can also configure the audio language and the language for your subtitles. 


Support for batch conversion with advanced features such as hardware acceleration can be an excellent option that can prove to be one of the prime options ever. The tool can remove a host of DVD protection protocols that include BD J, Cinavia, and ACCS, to name a few. You would need to go with an advanced DVDFab option to improve the Cinavia removal, which can further enhance your experience.


You can even customise the output DVD through the advanced Settings With the help of DVDFab Video Converter to help you copy and convert the DVDs into popular video and audio formats. DVD Ripper is best suited for converting the regular video formats in a straightforward manner. It can be your best bet to copy DVD on Windows 10 or Mac. 


What Makes DVDFab DVD Copy A Better Option?


While both Leawo DVD Copy and DVDFab DVD Copy can be the excellent options for your DVD Copy requirements, there are a few inherent properties that would make DVDFab DVD Copy a great option for most of your requirements. Even the DVDFab DVD Copy free trial should prove to be a good option.


A few advantages offered by the DVDFab DVD Copy include 


  • It offers you six different DVD copy options as compared to just three options offered by Leawo DVD Copy

  • The high-end customisation options let you control the output quality through a capable DVD copying process even with the scratched DVDs.

  • Faster DVD copy process through batch conversion and other hardware acceleration techniques. 

  • Spotless output quality despite the faster conversion of the DVD Copy process. 

  • An easy to use interface. If you are thinking about how to copy a DVD with DVDFab, you will find it extremely easy and simple.

  • It can be used to copy your DVD to flash drive or even your computer. 


How To Copy/Rip Protected DVD And Enhance Video Quality? 


Enhancing the Video quality and ripping or copying the protected DVD is an area that DVDFab DVD Copy can prove helpful and efficient. The availability of Enlarger AI and inbuilt DVD decrypter is what would simplify your task of enhancing the video quality of your output video. It can double up as a great solution for the best DVD copy software to copy protected DVD.

rip protected dvd

Enlarger AI is one of the prominent options to improve your video quality to a greater level. It is a part of DVDFab Suite and works with almost all the DVD Copy and Ripper solutions on the DVDFab Suite. It is the first AI-enabled solution that comes with a deep learning capability. It is a powerful video upscaling solution and can enhance the video from a resolution from 480p to 1080p or from 1080p to 4K. The best part of the tool is that it can enlarge the video's images by 300 percent, thereby increasing and enhancing the video quality.


If you are looking to copy or rip a protected DVD, the DVD Copy tool from DVDFab has been an excellent option. The tool can remove the DVD Copy protections such as Region Code, AACS protection, DVD UOP, and other enhanced copy protections. The built-in DVD decrypter functionality further makes it one of the prominent options that should make DVDFab DVD Copy free trial a better option than Leawo DVD Copy. You will find it to be a great tool to help you with DVD Copy protection removal.


Image Quality that Made by the Two Different DVD Copy Software


1.    Image quality of Leawo DVD Copy 

dvdfab dvd copy

2.    Image Quality of DVDFab DVD Copy Using the Feature of Enlarger AI 

The Leawo DVD Copy software can prove to be an excellent option for copying commercial DVDs


dvdfab dvd


Apparently, with the feature of Enlarger AI, the ordinary DVD quality has been enhanced.


The Concluding Thoughts


That was a complete comparison between Leawo DVD Copy and DVDFab DVD Copy, the two of the most popular DVD copy solutions to copy DVD to computer. We assume the tips and review of the two tools should ideally prove to be handy enough in achieving the best standards. 


Check out the features offered by each of the two tools and get access to an enhanced experience. The ability for DVD copy protection removal is yet another prime factor that would make it a great choice.


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