1. Introduction


Blu-ray disks are vulnerable to getting damaged, due to scratches and physical impacts. Such disk damages will obviously lead to data loss. That is why people are looking to take backups of their disks so that their data does not get lost permanently. These backup files can also be converted to other digital formats for sharing with friends and family.


Now, the question is: Which Blu-ray copy software is the right one to choose? 


In this post, we shall compare 2 of the most popular ones that are available - DVDFab Blu-ray Copy vs. Leawo Blu-ray Copy software. This DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and Leawo Blu-ray Copy review will help you to make the right choice.


DVDFab is one of the best DVD copy software (which offers you 30-days free trial), which supports 6 copy modes. You can read and take the backup of DVD to a blank disc. DVD Copy may include any of these DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, and DVD-R DL formats. Also, you can copy it to the ISO file or folder and can save it on the media server, with the fast speed and amazing quality.


It is the best DVD Copy software to copy from Blu-ray disc to PC. DVDFab also enables you to copy DVD window 10 from any disc, and also from disc to PC. It is developed for both Windows and iOS platforms. This software is easy to use, and it requires very few steps to run a copy.


Even the non-tech people can use this software to copy their favorite Blu-ray movie.Leawo Blu-ray Copy software offers you a good guide to copy Blu-ray movies and copy DVD movies without any quality loss. The Leawo Blu-ray Copy is the software that enables you to Copy and Shrink Blu-Ray or DVD, as well as convert to ISO images. This software copies the Blu-Ray to the PC, or you can directly copy it to another disk. 


This Blu-ray copy software can also copy Blu-ray disc of DVD-9, BD25 and BD50 and many others. Leawo Blu-ray Copy software can copy Blu-ray and backup the DVD, without this disc protection and region restriction.


As the leawo Blu-ray copy offers its users 3 basic copy modes- custom, basic, and main. The custom mode helps you to copy the desired section of a particular movie. The main mode enables you to copy the “movie-only” mode. This mode does not copy the key elements such as subtitles, frames, etc. In the main mode, it helps you to copy the entire Blu-ray movie.


2. DVD Blu-Ray Copy Vs. Leawo Blu-Ray Copy Review


Here is a brief description of the features of the DVDFab Blu-ray copy and Leawo blue-ray copy software:


List of Aspects Compared:

2.1 User Interface

2.2 Supported Formats

2.3 Feature Set

2.4 Backup Speed

2.5 Backup Quality

2.6 Price

2.7 Compatible OS


2.1 User interface


  • DVDFab Blu-ray Copy - Everyone is familiar with the DVDFab series of software applications by DVDFab 9 developers. DVDFab Blu-ray copy is one of their most popular downloads. After running the software, you will get to choose from 4 options. They are Ripper, Copy, Creator, and Converter.



They have been quite generous with the User interface, as it quite big, and it takes up the whole screen. The software comes with advanced features, but it is not displayed on the Home Page of the interface. The best thing about this DVD copy software is that it is user friendly, and you do not require any tech skills for operating it. In just a few minutes, you can easily copy Blu-ray.


  • Leawo Blu-ray Copy - It is obvious that a lot of efforts have been put to make this software user-friendly. The installation process is simple, as you will get clear cut instructions on each step. I was impressed by the layout of the interface, as it is simple and straightforward. Even if you have not done any kind of blu-ray or DVD copy task in the past, you won’t have any difficulty in understanding how to use the tool. It also comes with free addition to Copy DVD Windows 10 and on Mac OS




2.2 Supported Formats:


You will need to first check the formats supported by DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and Leawo Blu-ray Copy. It will help you know which Blu-ray and DVD copy software to select as per your specific requirements.


Since Leawo Blu-ray Copy gives you the option of removing the disc protection, it supports more disc types for copying than DVDFab Blu-ray Copy. The reason for that is DVDFab sells DVD Copy software separately and DVDFab deal with more comprehensive DVD Copy protections. Thus DVDFab has just made those features available on another product called DVDFab DVD Copy. If you are looking for dedicated products, then you can check them out on DVDFab website.


DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

Supported formats for output

Supported formats for output
  • Blu-ray folder
  • Blu-ray disc
  • Blu-ray ISO image
  • AVCHD disc
  • Blu-ray video disc
  • Blu-ray ISO image
  • Blu-ray folder