You cannot say that your home theatre system is complete unless you have a 4k Blu-ray Player. Blu ray player devices come with impressive features to give you best viewing experiences.


The latest technology-enabled devices provide pictures with sharper details and effortless motion, with incredible color distribution. Furthermore, the increased storage space is the icing on the cake.




The electronics market is loaded with 4K Blu ray devices from several brands that promise outstanding performance for Blu ray collections. With that being the case, buyers are confused about which one to buy. In this article, we are going to talk on how to choose a 4k Blu ray player.



1. 4k Blu-ray Player vs 4k UHD Player


4K or Ultra High Definition has become a buzzword in the market nowadays. 4K has replaced the 1080p and has become the most prevalent resolution for television and computer monitors. So, let us first look at the differences between a UHD and 4K player.




4K has originated from a cinema standard and professional production (DCI standard). On the other hand, UHD comes from a broadcast standard and consumer display. It uses the standard High Definition Television aspect ratio of 16:9.


4K resolution provides a resolution of 4,096 by 2,160. UHD on the other hand, provides the Full HD display resolution, i.e., 3,840 pixels length and 2,160 pixels wide. When compared to its predecessor i.e., 1080p resolution, UHD resolution is four times larger than it. The 4k UHD player uses this resolution.



Aspect Ratio



Ultra High Definition


3,840 x 2,160

Broadcast Standard And Consumer Display



4,096 x 2,160

Cinema Standard And Professional Production (DCI standard)



Clearly the differences do not matter a lot, as you can use them interchangeably or together. Both UHD and 4K are four-times larger in the size of 1080p. This makes the picture quality sharper, crisper, more realistic, when compared to Full HD videos of the past. For a theater-like experience at home, you should invest in a 4k/UHD monitor.



4k Blu-ray Player lets you have the experience of incredible and stunning video quality. HD Ripper software program can transform and rip insecure 4K Ultra HD movies into M2TS Passthrough, MKV Passthrough, M2TS.4K.H265.10bit, and MKV.4K.H265.10bit.


The M2TS Passthrough and MKV Passthrough formats are lossless, and share the same quality of video, as the video presentation on the original Ultra High Definition Blu-ray disc. On the other hand, M2TS.4K.H265.10bit, and MKV.4K.H265.10bit formats reduce the size of the original contents, but they still provide the best quality of the video to its users.



2. Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Best 4k Blu-ray Player


Here is a complete list of features that every 4k Blue Ray player should have.




No.1  Analog Encoding


A best 4k Blu-ray player should be able to compress audio signals with the help of lossy and lossless compression algorithms.


In the case of lossy algorithms like MP3 compression, some portion of the information is discarded. In the case of lossless compression, the entire information remains intact, except the redundant information in the input signal. The best 4k player comes with an ability to provide you the benefits of both the technologies.



No.2  USB Ports


The blu ray player you choose should provide support for keyboard and mouse. These devices will help you in convenient operation, without any entanglement of wires. Advanced Blu ray device offers support to FAT, FAT 32, and NTFS file system. When choosing the best 4k blu ray player, choose the one that has a USB port on its front side than on the backside, as you will be using it frequently.



No.3  SD card slot


The player you choose should come with extendable memory space with secure digital or high capacity SDHC cards. Most of the new players are compatible with SD cards. It helps to ease the transfer of stored audio, videos, and graphics to the television screen.



No.4  HDMI Audio Out


Choose a Blue Ray device that has a separate built-in HDMI output in the device. It provides the flexibility to users at the time of creating a connection between the video project on a laptop and the player. You can easily connect this HDMI audio out to a soundbar or an Audio-Visual receiver. HDMI is an excellent option for video signal transfers between devices.  



No.5 DLNA Compliance


The best 4k Blu-ray player you choose should be DLNA compliant. It is a standard that is important for the streaming of audio and video files. The audio and video content on Blu-Ray players can be connected to different devices in the home network. Sony 4k blu-ray players are among the best performing devices in the market.



No.6  Image File Support


Only a few best 4k player brands available in the market come with standard capabilities. For best performance, you should look for additional features that offer you better performance, efficiency, and convenience.


Samsung 4k blu-ray player work on JPEG image file format and extends the support to GIF, PNG, and TIFF format. The 4k Blu Ray you choose should not just stream digital photos from USB or network storage, but also handle audio signals during the show.



No.7  DSD Audio Decoding


Direct Stream Digital or DSD is a technology that was initially developed by Sony and Philips, to deliver high-resolution audio content on super-audio CDs. So, choose a DSD capable 4k Blu-ray Player.



No.8  BD-Live


Another very useful feature that you should consider when buying a best 4k Blu-ray player is BD-Live feature. This 4k player software enables users to use the content that is shown on the monitor in various other ways. One of them is the creation of videos from the images displayed on the monitor.



No.9  Remote Control


Another important feature that you need in your 4k blu ray player is a remote control that gives you better convenience when using the device. The device you choose should provide a standard collection of buttons to perform the task efficiently.



Also, buttons should be properly labeled to assist users with the operation. Remote control that comes with a backlit button is the best option to buy. This can make it easier to enjoy operate your device even when you are in a dark room.    



No.10  Optical Digital Output


Choose the player that comes with an HDMI port to handle digital audio outputs. Such types of Blu Ray players are capable of dealing with wide bandwidths.  Advanced players will normally have it.



No.11  Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi is another very important feature that you should have in your player. This functionality enables users to stream 4k videos directly from the internet with smooth clarity. While most of the players work on 2.4 GHz, a few new ones use 5 GHz frequency band.



No.12  Smart television functionality


This feature is beneficial for all those users who wish to stay connected to multimedia content through NetFlix and YouTube. It is beneficial to buy a 4k UHD player device that provides seamless support to streaming apps. It is useful to open various 4 libraries easily and get access to your preferred content online. 



3. The Best Software Alternative to 4k Blu-ray Player


If you do not have a home Blu ray player, then you can even play 4K movies on other devices. Let us see how:


When you use DVDFab UHD to Blu-ray Converter, you can downscale any of your 4K UHD movies to a BD50 or BD25. The downscaling happens to High Definition (1080p) resolution from your 4K (2160p) resolution.




Users have two options with them. They can either directly burn the downscaled 4k movie to a blank BD50 or a BD25 disc, or make a Blu-ray ISO and do the job. To perform this task, you would require a Blu-ray optical drive. This is the best software alternative to 4k Blue Ray Player.


DVDFab UHD to Blu-ray Converter excels in keeping video and audio quality at the time of the ripping or copying process. As we are downscaling a 4K Blu-ray movie to a normal BD format there would not be any difference in video quality. This 4k player software will process the video to give the best level of viewing experience to its users on a normal BD player.


You will obtain a better quality viewing experience compared to a standard Blu-ray. Opt for a BD50 than B25 at the time of conversion to get enhanced video quality experience. There would be no loss of the content in the audio tracks. The device will automatically encrypt to digital sound with surround sound.


DVDFab Player 6 is a powerful 4k blu ray player software that is capable of playing BDAV discs/DVD/ 4K UHD/ Blu-ray and HEVC videos. This device provides the best level of audiovisual experiences to Mac and Windows users. 




This software can let you perform the following tasks such as:


  • All-Inclusive assistance on HEVC, 4K UHD player, and Other Media Files Auto-Download Metadata Build, Manage and Organize Smart Local Music Library

  • Offer support to a diverse range of Audio Formats

  • Make Customized Playlists

  • Get Professional level Audio-visual Effect

  • Offer 3D Playback service on all types of three-dimensional contents that includes Anaglyph Red/Cyan, Micro-polarizer LCD 3D, 3D-Ready HDTV and HDMI 1.4 enabled 3D TV. With 3D glasses, you can watch 3D movies at the comfort of your home with great ease.


A lot of people are confused about which 4k blu-ray software to choose, here we picked 2 best 4k Blu-ray software review for your reference.



4. Conclusion


Increased storage space, sharper and clearer pictures with effortless motion, and incredible color distribution are some of the reasons why you must get the best 4k Blu ray player software like DVDFab Player 6.


You can play 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray on Blu-ray player by downscaling your 4K UHD Blu-ray movies to your preferred Blu-ray format. 4k player software allows you to enjoy them easily on different devices. It is a nice option as it allows you to share it with your friends and family members without any need to re-convert the format.